Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What If

I sometimes sit and wonder,
How my life would have turned out,
If at any of the crossroads of life,
I would have chosen the opposite path?
Where would I be,
Who would I be,
Would I be sitting here today?
As I look at my view now,
I see a yacht sailing,
I see water so perfectly blue
And a sunset that is unreal.
I also see myself sitting alone,
Reflecting and wondering
"What if?"
By no means do I want to change my life,
I am grateful and happy with the love I have…
It's just my mind thinks a lot,
And my imagination runs wild...
This is why I write.
And this is a gift, I see and know it.
But I also understand why sometimes,
One can think it's better to not know.
The responsibility that comes with this insight,
Can be stifling at times.
Nonetheless, this is my path.
I accept it, appreciate it -
I would have it no other way.
And why should I complain?
I get to experience, live and love…
What else do I really need? 


  1. Butterfly,

    Incredible wouldnt you say....how a decision can echo an eternity.Not only affecting your life but the life of others as well.I truly congratulate you on your vision.Live,Love & Laugh!!!

  2. Yes, What if…..
    Your mom never posted a babysitting sign up on her door? OR
    My mom never knocked on it?
    But thank god they did and we are where we are today! I am so grateful to be a part of your wild imagination and insight!

  3. Butterfly:

    Exactly! What else do we need? None come to my mind :) The three "L's"..Live, Love, Laugh.
    I am truly glad you write....I enjoy reading your blog more than you know. Thanks!!