Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Time for You

It is time for you…
to open your eyes
Life has changed,
there are no more lies.
It might feel odd,
or a little strange.
This is quite normal,
they are feelings of change.
It's time for you…
to open your eyes,
embrace life's beauty,
you are on your rise.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Purpose / Propósito

What inspires me to do?  Purpose.
If I know purpose, and allow purpose
to be the center of my decision making,
a sense of urgency awakens.
Focus also follows closely.
It's not about me, or my own personal wants.
Rather connecting to a higher energy,
and trusting this silent Spirit,
to lead to the convictions of my heart.

¿Que me inspira hacer?  Propósito.
Si conozco el proposito, y permito a el proposito 
ser el centro de mis decisiones,
un sentido de urgencia despierta.
Estar enfocada, continua cercanamente.
No se trata de mi, o mis deseos personales.
Mas bien conectar con una energía mas alta
y confiar en el Espirito silencioso, 
a guiar las convicciones de mi corazón.

Monday, August 29, 2011

This Journey

There is word we may be facing the end.
Things have changed...
Mother Nature is definitely getting our attention.
But perhaps that is the point -
it's causing us to reflect and think.
Our collective awareness is being called.
Life isn't about money, power, or fame...
We have steered off course, but it can change.
Rather than jump to conclusions
assuming the world is coming to an end -
maybe it's time to align our hearts
with truth, discernment, and peace.
The world will end when God is ready.
Until then, our time could be wisely used
recognizing the simplicity
in how and why we were created...
Possibly, it's time to embark on this journey.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Pray / Rezo

I pray for peace.
I pray for a kinder world.
I pray we as people, begin to share more love.
I pray for forgiveness.
I pray for change.
God, please hear my prayer.

Rezo por la paz.
Rezo por un mundo mas bondadoso
Rezo que la humanidad, empiece  a dar mas amor.
Rezo por perdón.
Rezo por cambio.
Dios, por favor escucha mi oración.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Simplicity of it All / Sencillez en Todo

WIth time, it all can shine.
The days it rained served a purpose.
I now see, the point was to not give up.
Tears, scars, disappointments 
were all part of the journey.
Today, I'm exactly where I should be.
And as I walk, holding loves hand…
I'm able to marvel at the simplicity of it all.

Con tiempo, todo puede brillar.
Los días de lluvia tenían un propósito.
Ahora veo, el punto fue no dejarme vencer.
Lágrimas, cicatrices, desilusiones
fueron parte del camino.
Hoy, estoy donde debo estar.
Y cuando camino, mano a mano con amor…
puedo observar la sencillez en todo.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The World Needs It / El Mundo Lo Necesita

Wars, famine, earthquakes, hurricanes….
Easily one can become depressed thinking of it all.
Two distinct powers are at play,
call them what you'd like…
but don't fail to recognize they exist.
Life has taught me, time is uncertain.
Therefore, the time I am here, 
I will live in love, giving love.
I have to believe this energy fuels a bigger purpose,
and if it can be contagious, great….
I pray others feel inclined to share positivity.
The world needs it.

Guerras, gente desamparada, terremotos, huracanes…
Fácilmente uno se deprime pensando en todo esto.
Dos fuerzas distintas están en juego,
llamalas como quieras…
Pero no olvides reconocer que existen.
La vida me ha enseñado, el tiempo es incierto.
Por lo tanto, el tiempo que tengo aquí,
voy a vivirlo en amor, dando amor.
Tengo que creer que la energía tiene un propósito mas grande,
y si puede ser contagioso, que bueno…
Rezo que otros sientan el deseo de compartir sea positivo.
El mundo lo necesita.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Words that I Prayed

It's now easy to see,
regret is now gone…
Pains of the past
don't wake with dawn.
New days await,
a journey to explore.
Now filling life,
with those I adore.
It all had to happen
to be here today.
It has been answered,
the words that I prayed.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Life - Phone? / Vida - Telefono?

I'm on my way to New York…
and as I wait, I'm observing the view.
The most precious child ran by 
as his mother gave him freedom while she protected.
A woman turned up her charm with a man,
and the energy of the flirtation became contagious…
A sweet older couple walked hand in hand.
And those in my immediate surrounding,
almost all had their head down
texting, facebooking, or twittering.
They were all around me, but they were not there.
At least twenty minutes have gone by…
I've seen life, laughter, and love…
I don't think my phone has this same effect.

Estoy en camino a Nueva York…
y esperando, observo mi alredor.
Un niño precioso acabó de correr cerca de mi
y su mamá le dió libertad mientras lo protegía.
Una mujer dio una sonrisa grande a un hombre
y la energia del coqueteo fué contagiosa…
Una pareja mayor caminó tomados de las manos.
Y los que estaban a mi alrededor,
casi todos tenían sus cabezas mirando bajo
texting, facebooking o twittering.
Todos cerca de mi, pero ninguno estaba allí.
Veinte minutos han pasado…
yo he observado vida, riza y amor…
no creo que mi teléfono tenga el mismo efecto.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Quilt

Perhaps in death 
my words will be viewed
more seriously.
The childlike fantasies 
won't seem so infantile.
I see a field - and there
we are all playing.
There is no race, religion,
no separation.
There is only One.
From this thread we are weaved
into the quilt of life.
And while different squares 
exist in the quilt,
warmth is felt -
when they're all connected.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Patience, Tolerance and Love / Paciencia, Tolerancia y Amor

Today, I collected my good thoughts,
good intentions, honorable goals,
and placed them in my bag…
Everything should be great, right?
Well, not if I picked up a bag with an attitude.
It doesn't matter how great the merchandise is inside,
if the exterior doesn't portray the goodness within,
who cares what the bag holds.
It's about the package and if good is what I'm feeling,
my voice, tone, and actions should reflect.
Patience, tolerance and love…
this is the bag I meant to grab.

Hoy colecté mis buenos pensamientos,
buenas intenciones, metas honorables,
y los guardé en mi bolso.
¿Todo debe ser perfecto, no?
Bueno, no si recogí la bolsa con actitud.
No importa que grande es la mercancia de adentro,
si el exterior no revela lo bueno del interior,
a quien le importa lo que el bolso aguanta.
Es el paquete y si lo que siento es bueno,
mi voz, tono, y lo que las acciones deben reflejarlo.
Paciencia, tolerancia y amor…
ese es el bolso que intenté agarrar.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Whisper in the Air

There is a whisper in the air...
A calm with peace, beauty, and patience.
"It will happen" I softly hear,
"once you quiet the unnecessary noise,
the necessary will begin to happen".
Challenges are changing into lessons,
and lessons are part of the journey.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Have I ever told you how much I love you?
Do you know how deep you are in my heart?
I can't imagine a day without you in my life.
I recognize all the decisions I make,
are with you in my mind.
I see a future, and so much opportunity…
I see where life will take you past me…
God, I pray this feeling of love
stays imprinted on my heart forever.

Monday, August 15, 2011

At This Moment / Este Momento

As I watch you play,
smile, and be curious…
I wonder what future awaits you?
There is so much I hope to teach you,
so much I'd like to protect you from.
And though I think of the future,
I look at you now, 
and get lost in this moment.
I've been told there is nothing perfect in life -
but if something were to be perfect,
it would be you at this moment.

Cuando te veo jugar,
sonreir, y ser curiosa…
pienso que futuro te espera?
Hay tanto que deseo enseñarte,
mucho de lo que te quiero proteger.
Y mientras pienso en el futuro,
te miro ahora,
y me pierdo en el momento.
Me han dicho que nada es perfecto en la vida -
pero si algo pudiera ser perfecto,
serias tu en este momento.

Friday, August 12, 2011


"the faculty of action of forming new ideas"
So…what if I imagine a kinder world?
What if I did something 
totally unexpected?
What if I pushed my self 
out of my comfort zone?
What would I imagine then?
I'm not sure but I will find out.
If I keep repeating the same 
nothing new will happen.
I will imagine and create 
without boundaries…
Life has infinite opportunities.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Out of the Dark

Now that you're out of the dark,
do you plan to attack again?
You lurk in places hard to reach,
but nothing is impossible.
You see, there is nothing positive
about the negativity 
you try to master plan.
What's funny is with time,
I see you much faster
and will pull you into the light,
removing your malicious power.
I imagine I'll see you again…
you don't like losing.
Just know, God's ammunition of love,
is the force you're up against.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Not Enough / No Suficiente

by: Elena Ramos

We see the beauty of nature,
but not enough.
We show caring feelings,
but not enough.
We care about others,
but not enough.
We care about our elderly members,
but not enough.
We talk to loved ones,
but not enough.
We laugh,
but not enough.
We show love, 
but not enough.
Isn't it time to change?
Enough said.

Vemos la  belleza de la naturaleza,
pero no suficiente.
Demostramos sentimientos de cuidados,
pero no suficiente.
Nos preocupamos de otros,
pero no suficiente.
Cuidamos a nuestros ancianos,
pero no suficiente.
Hablamos con seres queridos,
pero no suficiente.
pero no suficiente.
Demostramos amor,
pero no suficiente.
¿No es tiempo de cambiar?
Suficiente se dijo.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Will it Always / Siempre Será Así

Listening to music
I'm lost in thought…
nothing can explain 
what I feel.
It just is.
Memories tap my shoulder,
and whisper sweet nothings.
None of it matters anymore,
but it once existed.
It's funny to sit here now,
this sound takes me back…
will it always?

Escuchando musica
me pierdo en pensamientos….
nada puede explicar
lo que siento.
Solo es.
Memorias tocan mi hombro con voz baja,  
y recuerdos dulces de la nada.
Ellos ya no tienen relevancia,
pero un día existieron.
Es chistoso, ahora aquí,
este sonido me lleva a el pasado…
¿siempre será así?

Monday, August 8, 2011

It Just Is

There are certain ties
which are never meant to be broken.
From early on our souls were connected 
to a bond not visible to the eye….
It's a feeling silently wrapped in understanding,
acceptance and the absence of judgement.
Sometimes the bond comes in form of family,
other times in form of friendship, 
or our relationship to God.
Nonetheless, it's priceless.
At times I find myself marveling 
at this mystery…
will I ever understand its genesis
or should I accept this brilliant truth
doesn't need an explanation,
it just is.

Friday, August 5, 2011

I Must

Perhaps I figured you out…
The closer I become to my inner being,
the more you try and disturb the mind.
It makes sense.
There is an awareness you'd like to turn off
in order to grow more.
If you take over the mind,
then you host a level of instability.
But when I'm conscious enough
to know your ammo,
I can not only avoid it, but not believe it.
I must feed this positivity,
I must read and learn more…
I must meditate to connect to the one source,
the light God has given me.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


I've longed for you to be quiet,
and now, I miss your noise.
Have I silenced too much?
Life and love are noisy,
so why have I sought calm?
Too extreme once again,
the pursuit of logic
has removed me from now.
But it's not too late…
I will open my doors to love and life,
and while calm is also necessary,
they can coexist 
without me shutting down.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Past Has Changed / El Pasado Ha Cambiado

Where are you now as I look for you?
The past has changed…
what was once so clear
now swims in muddled waters.
How has time changed it all?
Why has time changed it?
Questions deserving profound understanding
but will understanding change anything?
Life has moved on...
with each day there is a new sunshine
although the same sun…
therefore, has it changed?
As the next stage phases in,
memories will linger, live and be nostalgic…
the cycle will continue as future
will one day be the memories I hold so tight.

¿A donde estas ahora que te busco?
El pasado ha cambiado…
Lo que una vez fué tan claro
ahora nada en aguas turbulentas.
¿Como el tiempo cambió todo?
¿Por que el tiempo lo cambió?
Las preguntas merecen entendimiento profundo,
¿pero el entendimiento cambiará algo?
La vida ha seguido…
con cada día hay un nuevo amanecer
aunque con el mismo sol…
¿entonces, cambió algo?
Ahora que entra la nueva etapa,
las memorias permanecerán, vívidas y son nostálgicas…
el ciclo continuará como el futuro
un día serán las memorias que guardo tan fuerte.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Uninvited Emotions

Uninvited emotions, you're lingering in the air…
I have to ask, what is your point?
Do you feel the need to disturb my calm?
Do you want to dim the light?
Uninvited emotions, there is something you should know.
I now see you clearly.
And though I can't escape the edge of your presence,
I can choose not to engage in your games.
Your aura now serves a specific purpose
and that is to know what path not to take.
Uninvited emotions, you're not so uninvited…
you confirm the path I'm on, is the right one.

Monday, August 1, 2011

In My Heart

I close my eyes
there are thoughts of you…
life has intertwined us,
it's now just us two.
Nothing else matters
not the winds or tides…
you are in my heart,
and deep in my mind.
How sacred is this moment,
holding you in my arms…
fear is not around,
you will not do me harm.
We are true to this love,
I can see your heart…
our souls are meant to be here,
may they never part.