Monday, August 15, 2011

At This Moment / Este Momento

As I watch you play,
smile, and be curious…
I wonder what future awaits you?
There is so much I hope to teach you,
so much I'd like to protect you from.
And though I think of the future,
I look at you now, 
and get lost in this moment.
I've been told there is nothing perfect in life -
but if something were to be perfect,
it would be you at this moment.

Cuando te veo jugar,
sonreir, y ser curiosa…
pienso que futuro te espera?
Hay tanto que deseo enseñarte,
mucho de lo que te quiero proteger.
Y mientras pienso en el futuro,
te miro ahora,
y me pierdo en el momento.
Me han dicho que nada es perfecto en la vida -
pero si algo pudiera ser perfecto,
serias tu en este momento.

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