My Story

"I am sorry Shirley… you have suffered a stroke." I heard these words spoken as my twenty-nine years of life as I knew them came to an end.

However, my story did not end there.

"You were created for a purpose Shirley. Like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis after a magical transformation, you too will emerge from this ordeal, a new creature." In the days and months to follow, these words echoed through the chambers of my heart. Ironically, it was a hole in this same heart that almost ended my life.

Since then, Thoughts of a Butterfly has become an instrument for understanding my own metamorphosis – one that is helping me to find my purpose, my spirit. Let Go - Laugh - Live - Love are the core values I’ve discovered – values I make a conscious effort to live by.

This is only the beginning of the journey. Now, this book brings it all to the surface where others can take whatever helps or inspires them. Though I wrote Thoughts of a Butterfly, I’ve come to understand it’s not about me.

Wholeheartedly, I thank you for your support and love.