Friday, July 29, 2011

The Moment that is to Come

Every moment in life
is a stepping stone to the next point.
Sometimes the stones are the same level,
this could mean a lesson is being repeated.
When the stones go up,
it's easy it to feel connected with purpose.
And sometimes steps go down.
Frustrating at times, the downward spiral 
may be to build resilience in your character.
But keep looking forward 
and find truth in your ups and downs.
Something is being learned...
staying open and aware
will prepare you for the moment that is to come.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Let Tomorrow Unravel

Before you know it, things can change.
Staying open and fluid to transformations
which occur in life with or without your effort
will keep you living in the now.
The past is behind you, you can't change
what has already occurred.
Tomorrow is not guaranteed.
Setting goals is great to do,
but so is finding joy living in the now…
Allow the light of peace in your heart and mind,
and let tomorrow unravel by its own accord.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Today.../ Hoy...

Today I will love without fear.
My courage will soar with no limit.
My dreams will unravel,
and the path to make them real
will unveil itself.
Today I believe anything is possible.
Today, is everyday.

Hoy amaré sin temor.
Mis resoluciones se elevarán sin limitaciones.
Mis sueños se revelaran,
y el camino de hacerlos realidad
se revelará por si solo.
Hoy creo que todo es posible.
Hoy, es cada día.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fly / Vuela away…
to a mystical and magical place.
No one but you
know's how to arrive.
And when you arrive,
you never want to leave. away…
don't let others stop you
from where you're meant to be.

Vuela…vuela lejos…
a un lugar mistico y mágico.
Nadie mas que tu
sabes como llegar.
Y cuando llegues,
nunca quieres regresar.
Vuela…vuela de aqui…
no dejes que otros detengan
a donde debes estar.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Essence of Life / Esencia de Vida

As I look at you, I can see forever.
There is no beginning and no end…
Only an eternal state of bliss and beauty.
Can I stay here with you,
or are you just a moment for me to remember?
This memory you imprint,
will it remind me of calm in the days of noise?
Perhaps the reason we meet today,
is so we I can deeply fall in love
in Your essence of life.

Cuando te miro, veo eternidad.
No hay comienzo ni final…
solo un estado de maravilla y belleza.
Puedo quedarme aqui contigo
o es solo un momento para recordar?
¿La memoria que creas,
va a recordarme de la calma en los dias de ruido?
Tal vez es la razón de encontramos hoy día,
para que pueda profundamente caer en amor
en Tu esencia de vida.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Catching Emotion

by: Carey MacPherson

Glancing into sorrow.
Combined insights.
Sparks of knowing.
Strength the gift wrapped in struggle.
Threads are scarcely the same.
A student to pain.
Breathing madness left behind.
Sensing the spirit of brightness.
River, oceans, and open skies.
A wardrobe of emotions try you on.
Like a beautiful dress
not made for you.
In stillness with time.
Seeping from within you.
You contour old perfection.
A much softer song.
In awareness
undetermined by flaw.
If in false courage only.
It Is bright and beautiful flowing from within.
You are textured with land, dirt, earth, and salt.
Lean into it's knowledge.
Stroke it's soul.
Spinning away from staggering graves of darkness.
Day by day with eyes that listen.
All men are capable of the same.
Your force driving emotion now only in light.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Intuition / Intuición

I have to question my sanity,
if I allow the world of chaos,
enter my desired world of calm.
Intuition is quiet, gentle, inconspicuous…
her soft truth can me overshadowed 
with unnecessary noise.
Noise is confusing,
I hear "you need to do, this is what's right,
don't waste your time, it isn't possible"
Isn't there logic in wanting to protect myself?
Confusion arises here, where the line is blurry.
But what if I quiet the noise,
and allow gentle intuition to guide me…
where will the journey take me?
Perhaps new horizons and possibilities 
will open their doors to my efforts,
now that I seek intuition's guidance.

Tengo que cuestionar mi sensatez,
si dejo el mundo de caos,
entrar a mi mundo deseoso de calma.
La intuición es tranquila, dócil, no llamativa…
su verdad suave puede ser cubierta 
con ruidos innecesarios.
El ruido es confuso.
Escucho, "necesitas hacer, no es correcto,
no pierdas tu tiempo, no es posible"
¿No hay lógica en desear protegerme?
La confusión se presenta, cuando la lineas son borrosas.
Pero que pasaria si callo el ruido,
y dejo la dócil intuición guiarme…
¿a donde llegará este camino?
Tal vez nuevas posibilidades a la vista
abrirán sus puertas a mis esfuerzos,
ahora que busco guía de la intuición.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


When I lost my light
and could only cry -
you held my hand,
and sat by my side.
Tomorrow didn't exist,
the past would replay,
my thoughts were so blurry,
and you would just pray.
You shared your strength,
you gave me you…
I didn't understand,
how you knew what to do.
Fear could not contain you,
your vision was too bright.
Negative emotions,
is what you would fight.
How lucky was I,
as your soul you would lend…
it's such a blessing,
to have you as a friend.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Perfectly Weaved / Perfectamente Tejida

One day, it will all be over.
What will I take with me?
All the memories
of the things I bought?
Probably not.
What I will take are the moments,
when I gave and received love.
Those memories 
with imperfections and all,
are perfectly weaved to be my life...
the life God wanted.

Un día, todo termina.
¿Que llevaré conmigo?
¿Todas las memorias
de objetos que compré?
No creo.
Lo que llevaré serán los momentos,
cuando di y recibí amor.
Esas memorias
con sus imperfecciones,
perfectamente tejieron mi vida…
la vida que Dios quiso.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Talk to Others / Hablar Con Otros

How many encounters,
do we come across daily?
In the hustle of life,
it seems impossible
to take a couple of minutes
and talk to a stranger.
And not just a smile or "hello"
but a little more in depth conversation.
Who knows what signs
your heart actively is actively searching for.
The words of strangers
sometimes carry lessons -
even a simple lesson 
to take time and talk to others.

Cuantos encuentros,
nos pasan diariamente?
En la rapidez de la vida,
se siente imposible
a tomar unos minutos
y hablarle a un desconocido.
No solo una sonrisa o "hola"
pero una conversación mas profunda.
Quien sabe los signos
que nuestro corazones buscan activamente.
Las palabras con desconocidos 
a veces llevan lecciones -
hasta la lección mas simple
toma un minuto para hablar con otros.

Friday, July 15, 2011


by Traci Guckin

After the cold, lonely winter 
comes the newness of spring.
I'm set free from my darkness 
and He gives me my wings.
Brand new with bright colors, 
no tatters or tears, 
gently He holds me 
in His sweet loving care. 
He tells me to fly, 
fly free from my sins. 
With mercy and grace, 
a new life to begin. 
Where He sends me I'll go, 
what he says I will do. 
Peace overwhelms me, 
come fly with me too.


In Memory of, Kylie Marie Heise

by Judy Heise

I light a candle every night
Sending love to my angel above.

Watch over her in Your light
Keep her safe, cradled in Thy holy love.

Let her know as I close my eyes 
I sense her heavenly beam

I rest in thy peace knowing soon
She is in my arms as I dream.

Through the Winds

by Diane Vega

I've flown through the winds of love,
through the winds of betrayal,
through the winds of good, 
and through the winds of evil. 
You thought you crushed me. 
You did. 
Tears on the forgotten roses became my healing nectar. 
Yesterday I was still,
 but at this moment I know I will fly again. 
Look up and your thoughts will bring me your way.
It is there I will quickly flutter my wings 
and whisper through your soul that I forgive you
although I may never understand the winds of changes in life. 
I fly, fly, fly, 
once again into the sunshine where the winds pushed me.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Despite Fear / A Pesar Del Temor

Is it safe to look outside...
is this the right path?
There are trees and leaves
blocking the view.
But the sky is it's canvas.
Blindly, I must choose.
This choice will alter life.
Continuing on is the decision to make -
despite fear, which tries to stunt growth.

Es seguro mirar afuera…
¿es el camino correcto?
Hay arboles y hojas 
cubriendo el panorama.
Pero el cielo es el lienzo.
Ciegamente, tengo que elegir.
La decisión cambiará la vida.
Continuando es la decision a tomar -
a pesar del temor, que trata de impedir el crecimiento.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Eyes Wide Shut

The homeless man on the street,
a baby's stare of wonder,
the flower looking for the sun...
How long will my eyes be wide shut?
Moments deserving of awareness,
pass me by daily….
but what am I supposed to do?
Do I feed the homeless man,
do I smile at the baby with love…
do I take thirty seconds
to make a mindful appreciation
of all the nature around me?
Could it be that simple?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Ask / Preguntar

Life introduces us to a spectrum of emotions
and experiences.
There are some moments that pierce our hearts
with kind and loving memories.
Then, there are other moments that only bring strife,
frustration, and an air of negativity.
How does one handle moments like this?
The beauty of time is gaining experience…
and experience becomes wisdom.
I've realized if I choose to fully believe in love,
I must forgive, give compassion to accept it, and let go.
While it's simple to write, the act is not always so clear.
A clear mind without the layers of preconceived notions
helps to seek truth and find acceptance.
And what really helps to understand this lesson is,
realizing time is not guaranteed.
I ask: "is this how I'd like to spend my invaluable time?"

La vida introduce una gama de emociones
y experiencias.
Existen momentos que penetran en nuestros corazones
con memorias amables y amorosas.
También, hay otro momentos que traen conflictos,
frustration y aires de negatividad.
¿Como uno maneja estos momentos ?
Lo lindo del tiempo es que se gana experiencia …
Y la experiencia se convierte en sabiduría.
He concluido que si realmente creo en el amor,
tengo que perdonar, tener compasión para aceptarlo, liberarme.
Es fácil  escribirlo,  la practica no es siempre clara.
Una mente clara sin las capas de nociones preconcebidas
ayudan a buscar verdad y encontrar aceptación.
Lo que ayuda a entender verdaderamente esta lección es,
darse cuenta que el tiempo no es garantizado.
Pregunto: "¿es así como quiero pasar mi tiempo invaluable?"

Monday, July 11, 2011

Undeniable Truth / Verdad Inevitable

You wanted me to cry,
so I did.
You wanted me to doubt,
you were successful.
You wanted me to be lost,
I lived this too.
Thankfully your years of bondage,
have expired.
I choose to open my eyes and live.
I choose to see beauty
in all that surrounds me.
I choose to make my life count.
Each moment I breathe
is a blessing.
This is an undeniable truth.

Quisiste que llorara,
y lo hice.
Quisiste que dudara,
y fuiste poderoso.
Quisiste que estuviese confundida,
y lo viví  también.
Gracias a Dios tus años de esclavitud,
han expirado.
Elijo abrir mis ojos y vivir.
Elijo el ver la belleza
en todo a mi alrededor.
Elijo hacer que mi vida tenga valor.
Cada momento que respiro
es una bendición.
Es una verdad inevitable.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Infinite Opportunities / Oportunidades Infinitas

Plans are great,
they keep you organized,
step by step you know what needs to happen -
plans get the job done.
But what if your idea of the "plan"
is much smaller than what really can happen?
While plans are great indicators to keep you on track,
opening yourself to the journey might be more essential.
Your "plan" will predict what will happen,
but opening yourself will give you infinite opportunities.

Los planes son excelentes,
te mantienen organizado,
sabes lo que necesitas hacer paso por paso -
los planes terminan el trabajo.
¿Pero es tu idea de "plan"
mucho mas pequeña de lo que puede pasar?
Los planes son indicadores de mantanerte en el sendero;
abriendo uno mismo el camino puede ser mas esencial.
Tu "plan" predice todo lo que pasará,
pero "abriendose uno mismo" da oportunidades infinitas.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Memories We Create / Memorias Que Creamos

In the flash of a day,
I look and realize, it's now night.
Where did the day go?
Maybe it's me, but as I get older,
life seems to go by faster.
And I can't control it, change it, or adjust…
I have to accept the days of our lives,
flow with out my choice.
I therefore choose to be surrounded
by what matters most.
It's family, friends, nature…
and while there are other elements in life
worthy of my attention too,
my happiness resides with those I love,
and the memories we create.

En la rapidez de el dia,
me doy cuenta la llegada de la noche nuevamente.
¿Donde se fué el día?
Quizás soy yo, pero con la edad,
la vida pasa mas rápida.
No la puedo controlar, cambiar, o ajustar…
Debo aceptar que los días de nuestras vidas,
se esparcen sin mi elección.
Por lo tanto debo elegir en estar rodeada 
por lo mas importante.
Es familia, amistades, naturaleza…
y mientras hay otros elementos en la vida
que también merecen mi atención,
mi felicidad reside con mis seres amados,
y las memorias que creamos.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In Love with Life / Enamorada de la Vida

I've been told, I think too much.
And maybe it's true,
but I can appreciate
my experiences on a profound level,
if I'm aware of what's going on.
Being lost in my mind,
is actually beautiful, kind, safe…
There is honest love
and a sense of purity for life…
it's what guides me.
Despite my circumstances,
I must stay here, in love with life.

Me dicen, que pienso demasiado.
Y puede ser verdad,
pero siento que puedo apreciar
mis experiencias en un nivel mas profundo,
cuando estoy alerta de lo que está pasando.
Estar perdida en mi mente,
actualmente es lindo, bondadoso, seguro…
Hay un amor honesto
y sentido de pureza por la vida….
es lo que me guía.
Desafiando mis circunstancias,
tengo que quedarme aquí, enamorada de la vida.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


In the eye of tragedy,
how does one persevere?
The heaviest of days,
can make one feel like giving up.
And there are days getting out of bed 
feels like the hardest thing to do.
Life isn't always fair,
however, life does lend the opportunity
to change the story.
The past can never be changed,
nor should it be forgotten...
but the past can ignite a feeling to persevere, 
when life gives you every reason,
to just stop.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Chose to See It / Decidir a Ver

There was a love
that once shined so bright.
It deepened and grew with time,
however, time also introduced other emotions.
At some point, this love was so lost
it hurt to breathe another day.
But time...time plays an amazing role - 
the emotions changed once again
and the light reappeared,
when I finally chose to see it.

Hubo un amor
que una vez brilló fuerte.
Entró profundamente y creció con el tiempo,
pero el tiempo introdujo otras emociones.
Llegando a un punto,que el amor se perdió
y dolía respirar en el nuevo dia .
También el tiempo juega un papel increíble. -
las emociones cambiaron otra vez
y la luz apareció de nuevo,
cuando  finalmente decidí verla.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Thoughts of a Butterfly

A certain truth accompanied this story.
A level of faith in something profound.
A vision, only my heart could see.
No words can truly explain this life-altering phenomenon,
however, it’s simple.
My mind is ready for the vision.

I want to live a life worth remembering.
The blinders are gone.
Love is present.
Wisdom, courage, faith, and belief closely follow.
Lessons and experiences opened my senses.
The cocoon I lived in, ready to be shed away.
I often go back to a specific memory,
one that was my crossroad.
That night, “I can’t,” was the only thought in my mind.
But here I am now,
fueled with fire, an energy.
I write, feel, and love – fear cannot contain this Spirit.
My mantra is, “you have to.”
I don’t know how long my journey will be.
There are moments, mysteries, and miracles I will live.
Thankfully, my heart is sound.
And today, in my mind,
are the Thoughts of a Butterfly.