Friday, July 1, 2011

Thoughts of a Butterfly

A certain truth accompanied this story.
A level of faith in something profound.
A vision, only my heart could see.
No words can truly explain this life-altering phenomenon,
however, it’s simple.
My mind is ready for the vision.

I want to live a life worth remembering.
The blinders are gone.
Love is present.
Wisdom, courage, faith, and belief closely follow.
Lessons and experiences opened my senses.
The cocoon I lived in, ready to be shed away.
I often go back to a specific memory,
one that was my crossroad.
That night, “I can’t,” was the only thought in my mind.
But here I am now,
fueled with fire, an energy.
I write, feel, and love – fear cannot contain this Spirit.
My mantra is, “you have to.”
I don’t know how long my journey will be.
There are moments, mysteries, and miracles I will live.
Thankfully, my heart is sound.
And today, in my mind,
are the Thoughts of a Butterfly.

1 comment:

  1. Amen...........<3 This week you achieved an awesome goal :) This week I took steps and accomplished something I struggled with for over three decades. Life is good! Life is a gift..........I refuse to waste one more second :) I am so happy to have found many more milestones for both us! <3