Monday, July 11, 2011

Undeniable Truth / Verdad Inevitable

You wanted me to cry,
so I did.
You wanted me to doubt,
you were successful.
You wanted me to be lost,
I lived this too.
Thankfully your years of bondage,
have expired.
I choose to open my eyes and live.
I choose to see beauty
in all that surrounds me.
I choose to make my life count.
Each moment I breathe
is a blessing.
This is an undeniable truth.

Quisiste que llorara,
y lo hice.
Quisiste que dudara,
y fuiste poderoso.
Quisiste que estuviese confundida,
y lo viví  también.
Gracias a Dios tus años de esclavitud,
han expirado.
Elijo abrir mis ojos y vivir.
Elijo el ver la belleza
en todo a mi alrededor.
Elijo hacer que mi vida tenga valor.
Cada momento que respiro
es una bendición.
Es una verdad inevitable.

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  1. YUP, Yes, yeah...................<3 :) How about been there...........done that :) Have a wonderful week my friend! xoxo