Friday, July 22, 2011

Catching Emotion

by: Carey MacPherson

Glancing into sorrow.
Combined insights.
Sparks of knowing.
Strength the gift wrapped in struggle.
Threads are scarcely the same.
A student to pain.
Breathing madness left behind.
Sensing the spirit of brightness.
River, oceans, and open skies.
A wardrobe of emotions try you on.
Like a beautiful dress
not made for you.
In stillness with time.
Seeping from within you.
You contour old perfection.
A much softer song.
In awareness
undetermined by flaw.
If in false courage only.
It Is bright and beautiful flowing from within.
You are textured with land, dirt, earth, and salt.
Lean into it's knowledge.
Stroke it's soul.
Spinning away from staggering graves of darkness.
Day by day with eyes that listen.
All men are capable of the same.
Your force driving emotion now only in light.

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