Bryan Ramos, Zatori
Creative direction, social media integration, and branding for Thoughts of a Butterfly.

Nena Depaz, Gemini Gallery
Nena’s drive to create art is embedded deep within her. Before she could walk, she was drawing. Throughout Nena’s life, art has been a constant, helping her to express joy and cope with pain. The pieces she creates usually reflect her emotional response to an experience or situation-the goal being able to evoke these emotions in the viewer. Nena’s style continues to evolve; in the past few years she has been incorporating found and recycled items into her work, to create pieces that are as much collage as painting. Old fabric, wood scraps, cornhusks, wrappers and newspapers add interest to a flat surface. She is delighted to breath new life into objects otherwise headed for the trash can, which bring unexpected color and texture to her art. Please visit Nena’s contact page to request information on any of her collections.