Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Have you ever felt your thoughts,
Maybe even your dreams,
Are so far fetched you may never be able,
To attain them?
Is your vision so far ahead that you question,
"Is my imagination too far gone?"
What happens when you start sharing a few of your visions,
With people you love and who love you.
They are happy to hear such enthusiasm from you,
But look at you like there is no way possible.
How do you know if your heart's desires,
Will ever be actualized?
Anything great ever made by man,
Was at one point unimaginable.
But someone had the vision and fortitude,
To make it happen.
I am sure they too were looked at strangely,
They probably questioned their own sanity as well….
But their vision was meant to be.
We can learn something from these pioneers,
Imagine, create, and the most important part,
Follow through.
It's only with perseverance, dedication, and hard work,
That your unimaginable dream will become a reality. 

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