Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crossing Over

Have you ever wanted something so bad,
Your focus is there,
Your heart beats to this energy…
However, worldly issues seem to be -
Getting in the way?
How does one overcome the obstacles,
That have no other purpose than to hold you back?
Is being aware of the obstacle's motive,
Enough to conquer the dilemma?
Because no longer can the hurdles confuse you,
You aren't deciding what you want to do.
There is a distinct purpose to it all,
And because the vision is so strong,
You have to expect it won't be easy.
This is where your will plays a major role…
I mean, how bad do you really want it?
What does "it" really mean?
Get to the bottom,
And then dig some more…
What distinguishes you from the rest?
Do you know the answers to these questions?
Meditate, pray, connect to this power,
Feel it at your core…
If you dream about it, breathe it, live it….
If it's your first thought when you wake up,
Then you are onto something -
It's time to cross that bridge,
Remember, until now -
You were being prepared.

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