Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Everyday my head is flooded with thoughts…
"Why did that happen yesterday?
What will I do tomorrow?"
My mind fights this internal war,
And what I've learned,
Is that I am the only casualty-
With these debilitating thoughts.
No more...
I can't change yesterday,
My only hope is to live in today,
And do something today,
That will make tomorrow better,
If I am here.
That's it…
I control nothing at all.
And this simple truth is what will shift my mind,
I am in the process of reprogramming-
As this thought gives me energy,
It's what inspires me to live better...
To strive for something,
I can't even imagine.
Today I live, see, feel...
And if needed, today I change.
But one thing is always my center...
And that is to do everything with LOVE.


  1. Osiris,
    Sorry I haven't been reading these last couple of days have been ver hectic for me.Well getting back to the subject at hand.You dont know how happy it makes me feel knowing that you feel this intensely about life. Sometimes we blunder thru our lives zombie like and not notice we are walking thru or into a beautiful meadow of happiness or love. Dosent it feel good to bask in the warmth of LOVE.

  2. Butterfly:

    You put it so do everything with LOVE. It makes all the difference in the world :) Thanks...........:)