Thursday, June 10, 2010


There comes a time in life,
After you've been in the trenches of your journey,
You've seen the best and worst…
And you are ready to take on the emotion,
That has thrown you off many times in the past.
It's a beautiful thing to witness,
The genuine connection between two souls.
When stares are exchanged without words,
Yet you know exactly what is being said.
How beautiful is to have love around you?
To see those you love, in love…
Is also a priceless experience.
And the precious gift of love is so special,
Because when you recognize its true beauty,
It keeps giving you more.
You don't have to ask for it,
It just appreciates you knowing the depth of it's nature,
And it wants to keep blessing you with more gifts.
Love is special, divine and delicate.
Take care of love as it takes care of you.
Remember how lucky you are to be in love,
And don't be scared to show,
The most amazing emotion in the world.
Love makes the world go round, right!

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