Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Why is at certain moments,
You may be gifted with an Oracle's insight?
You know exactly how it will go,
What will be said,
And the residual outcomes,
Tied to an experience.
It's a bit predictable.
This actually is a huge gift,
Because then it's up to you,
As to what to do with it.
Do you acknowledge it?
Do you fight and take a stance?
Do you talk about it endlessly?
Or do you just let it go and ignore it,
Because it's really not that important,
In the grand scheme of things.
The more you feed this energy,
The more it grows,
So if that is not what you want in life,
Why acknowledge it?
Keep it moving,
Keep looking ahead,
What's behind you doesn't matter anymore…
And the fact that you know this,
Really makes you lucky.

1 comment:

  1. Butterfly:

    Reading your posts continually brings a smile to my face. Makes me reflect on my own journey......the last three lines of this one........well it rings so true for me :)
    I am grateful and so lucky!!!
    Another beautifully written thought.....thanks!!