Sunday, June 6, 2010


Why when things are going well,
A certain flow is in the air and in an instant,
Some negative energy comes along,
And tries to throw everything off course?
How does one keep the mind sound,
To not get thrown off?
This energy would like nothing more,
Then to contaminate the positive movement.
If it can somehow become contagious,
Possibly distort the good, 
Then it would accomplish its mission.
This may sound a little different,
But recognizing this invisible force,
May be sufficient enough to change its vision.
If the mind acknowledges this field of energy,
It can play the most crucial role in action.
The mind is where it begins…
If any deviation is to occur,
It will start here.
I've been plagued with noise in my mind,
I still have occurrences with confusion.
And I am sure this will always be part of life.
However, I reflect as to why,
Seek to really understand,
My mind is aware of this consciousness,
And it's creating the internal shift I seek.
Today, I take a stance that can no longer-
Be blown by the wind.
Perhaps this confidence coincides with age and experience.
However, I am sure its also linked to-
Being aware of my surroundings.
I believe in my vision..
My heart supports this perspective closely...
And my mind, where other energy can be disruptive,
Has become mindful this may occur.

1 comment:

  1. Butterfly,

    Positive and negative will always be a part of our world. Much like we expect the sun to come out in the morning and the moon grace us with its beautiful rays at night. When we are able to identify this negative energy we can plow thru these dificult moments with tremendous ease. This is not to say that we wont have to deal with these energies throughout our lives. We just cannot become entangled with these dark energies because they will lead you to the Nether regions.