Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fear - Temor

What is it about the is four letter word,
That can totally halt you in your tracks?
What is there to fear?
Is it failing...not be able to do it…
Or is it the question, "how do I even begin?"
These are all issues that deserve attention,
And can bring on the emotion of fear.
But here is where your mind needs to be strong.
Think about it,
The alternative would be to not even try -
How would that make you feel?
Wouldn't you feel worse?
Sometimes the project at hand seems overwhelming,
The thought will cross your mind,
"How in the world am I going to do this?"
But push yourself…start.
Right there, the pillars of fear begin to fall,
Because you are actually making it happen.
Fear is a state of mind,
It's something you can transform into courage,
When you take on your new challenge.
So don't fear fear….
It's normal and part of the process.
The goal is to overcome it,
And become wiser and stronger,
From the experience at hand…
So go for it, I know you can do it!

Que es lo fuerte de estas cinco letras?
Que puede pararte antes de comenzar?
A que tienes temor?
Temes no cumplir con el reto -
O no sabes como empezar?
Estas son situaciones que merecen atención,
Porque pueden hacerte sentir temor.
Aqui tu mente tiene que ser fuerte,
Piensalo -
La alternativa seria no tratar. 
Como te sentirias no hacerlo?
Acaso no seria peor?
A veces el proyecto puede parecer demasiado fuerte,
En tu mente.
Vas a pensar, "como puedo manejar esta situación?"
Se optimista…empieza.
Alli el temor empieza a desaparecer.
Porque tu estas tratando.
El temor solo esta en la mente -
Esto lo puedes convertir en valentia,
Cuando aceptas el nuevo reto.
No temas al temor,
Es normal y parte del proceso.
La meta es superarlo -
Ser mas sabio, y mas fuerte,
Por la experiencia.
Animo, yo se que tu puedes!

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  1. You know I don’t get to read this everyday, seeing as my technology according to you is still in the Stone Age. I getsad that I can’t be up to date when we talk. But sometime like today I feel like I wasn’t supposed to read it until now this very moment. Some how, they always reflex things going on around me. Your words are always enchanting and pensive, so thanks. I got to get back to work. Talk to you soon DD