Friday, June 11, 2010


There are times in life when things try to hide…
With time, these things become better magicians,
As if Houdini himself, were teaching a class in illusions.
So much time can be spent trying to figure it out,
Define it in someway but then it happens,
It changes forms, it becomes something else,
Equally if not more disruptive than the first encounter.
And you are left asking, why?
Transparency is such an amazing perspective...
If you don't lie, cheat, steal, speak ill of,
Then what do you have to worry about?
The answer is simple and great…
Life is already complicated.
There is no reason to welcome or entertain additional layers,
That will do nothing but bring you down.
What's the point of flirting with negativity?
As strong as you are, it will effect you.
Whether you are meant to see more,
Live more, or just appreciate life as is...
Wouldn't it be great to focus on just that.
The other stuff is not necessary.
Life is too short and days aren't long enough…
So make it count.
Don't lose time on situations that won't fulfill you...
You are meant for more,
You just have to believe that yourself.

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  1. I really love this one punkin...words everyone should live by!