Sunday, June 13, 2010

Try Again

There are moments that you are so on your path,
You see things, feel things,
You are inspired and feel an amazing energy.
This energy is tied to straight enthusiasm,
And passion for your new endeavor.
But this energy has gotten ahead for you,
You no longer are in the driver's seat...
You are along for the ride.
And then, there is a bump in the road...
Something happens and makes you think -
"Is this the ride I was meant to be on?"
Maybe it's not, but maybe it is…
It's only through trial and error will you figure it out.
Not being scared to try again,
Will unravel the mystery you find yourself in.
Perhaps you become more distinguished,
Or you refine your craft a little better...
What ever the lesson is,
It's just great to get it.
This way you move on, look ahead,
And try the next step.
It all takes time, but one day...
You will reach something you couldn't have imagined.

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