Monday, May 31, 2010

My Sky

As I sit here and reflect...
On the hope of my visions...
I see something in the picture, 
Something that doesn't quite fit.
It lives in the shadows,
A layer of darkness,
Slowly walks along this hopeful path.
As it sees the desires of the heart,
It starts conniving a derailment.
You see, this shadow wants to take over...
It would like to cover my eyes…
Sidetrack vision, obscure clarity...
So motivation for good will have the opportunity,
To morph into something else.
This cannot happen-
But sometimes giving in, 
Feels like the only solution,
When exhaustion has taken over the mind.
God, it's not easy.
At what point does effort become a mental trap,
To keep you stuck somewhere unhealthy?
I ask myself "am I swimming against the current?"
I don't know sometimes,
Maybe I am…
But maybe I am not meant to get pushed down a stream.
Perhaps my journey is to see another perspective.
I have a choice, and I choose to see this story.
This shadow of darkness, is not meant to become my sky.
A gray day here and there is acceptable…
But my sun will always prevail.

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