Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stopping Time

I look into your eyes, and daily you change.
You're getting taller,
Your vocabulary is broadening-
Your spirit is growing.
The luck I feel, with your soul in my life,
Is indescribable at times.
Selfishly, I wish I could stop time,
To hold on to this moment a little longer.
I wonder what you will see...
What life has in store for you.
I want to give you all my wisdom to protect you,
And shield you from hurt.
But this, unfortunately I cannot do.
Life has to play out, 
And lessons are part of the journey.
Pain has to dance with joy,
In order for you to really appreciate it all.
God, I pray your path is blessed,
That you find your calling early,
I pray your dreams are realized,
Which will allow you to dream some more.
You are the loves of my life-
You have given purpose to my soul.
You little angels bless our family,
One day, you will understand this-
It can all happen my baby,
May your story be inspirational...

1 comment:

  1. Amazing that God would bless me with these three angels to love and be loved by.