Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Maze

I am calm, focused, and moving ahead…
I found my way through the maze,
Which was once my life.
Now that I am out, I can't be stopped,
Nothing can sidetrack me now.
At least I think.
But then, it comes back...
Emotions and memories have an interesting way,
Of recycling themselves back into life.
It's confusing to decipher the meanings,
Of things you can't identify.
And now the maze is back but with mirrors…
Eluding me to think and see things,
That really aren't there.
Frustration has now entered center stage,
Questions of "what am I doing",
And "why am I doing" have permeated into my brain.
Could I easily solve this feeling,
By categorizing it under a bad day?
What if its been a series of days,
Then what am I to make of it?
I don't know.
Well, there is nothing I can do,
Maybe I will prevail, maybe I won't…
This is all part of the journey.
I just can't stop.
The lessons I learn daily,
Both good and bad are all for something,
And it's up to me,
To see the light at the end of tunnel.


  1. Butterfly,

    "And now the maze is back but with mirrors......." This is an advacment to your previous situation. Before you had been in a maze and were able to get out but you feel right now that your actually back in it again. This time you have an advantage you allready went through the maze and the mirrors is just a symbolic artifact to remind you that first you have allready been through this maze second that the only place you need to look to find your way out again is to look deep within yourself. Great stuff!! Keep up the good work!!!

    fallaces sunt rerum species (the appearances of things are deceptive)

  2. Butterfly:
    For me once I completed the Maze........Clarity was waiting for me :) Things just seemed to fall into place......effortlessly. I was overcome by a feeling of peace, contentment, etc., all the things that had eluded me my entire life. I was able to forget, move forward.......I am currently working on forgiving. I will arrive at that place soon :)