Monday, May 17, 2010


My eyes have seen pictures beyond my little world…
My writing will attempt to transcend into different environments-
And capture the torment others endure around the world.
We are so naive here,
Our perspective can be one dimensional…
The pain our brothers and sisters feel on other soil-
Is pain we too could feel one day.
We are all humans,
We all breathe, feel and need blood to live…
There is nothing more special here-
Then our pure luck to live in this environment.
So why are we so disconnected from such sorrow?
Why do we infect such humiliation and despair to mankind.
These terrible acts slowly kill the spirit of the human race,
And this common thread effects us all.
How has brutality become such an accepted form of action?
Are we that desensitized to the cruelty we inflict on each other?
I really don't get it....
Our world has become a place where children kill,
And this is somehow tolerated.
There are massacres of people,
And because these atrocities are far from our reality,
We think it doesn't directly effect us.
We are clueless and don't seek to know these harsh realities-
They secretly live in other places,
This way we wouldn't have to change our lives.
"What can I do anyway?" Is the common thought.
But what if there were something you could do?
One action per person may sound like a pretty simple concept,
But millions of people consciously choosing to do something to help,
Could make a world of a difference.
There is a kindness which has escaped us.
We live with violence, we lack understanding,
And unfortunately, stupidity is growing with a vengeance.
If we don't stop, it will ruin the core of future generations.
I pray for compassion, wisdom, awareness.
I dream of a day we will see the injustices,
And do something to change it.
I can only hope our tolerance for such volatile times,
Is reaching its expiration.
Our world needs peace, it needs to heal, it needs love.
I keep this request dear to my heart,
And hope my thoughts can be a small contribution,
To a greater good. 


  1. Butterfly,

    Funny you mention this just yesterday I had a frank discussion with a good friend pertaining to poverty and war. We truly are blessed to be able to go open our refrigerater and serve one's self a glass of water cook yourself a meal. Many people in the world are not blessed enough to have this luxury. I thank our Gods that I am that priviliged.I have seen what extreme poverty is and can still remeber the deep sadness that it brought upon me. It will be a great day for the humane race when we can all bind our strenghts and rid the world of poverty....whether black,white,yellow,purple,green I dont care in my eyes we are all brothers and sister unitrd under one big roof. We need to love each other more and miracles will occur!!!