Monday, May 24, 2010


As I sit here with you,
Talk about any and everything,
I recognize how much joy we share.
There are moments we catch each other,
Doing the silliest thing,
And without explanation,
A stare is exchanged and the laughter we release,
Makes any other emotion secondary.
We are lucky to have our connection,
Simple subtleties are our stories,
That we privately share.
I see others look at us walking,
I catch the glimpses,
From the table next to us at the restaurant.
Eavesdropping sometimes occur,
So they can borrow a moment of our endearment.
And It doesn't bother me,
If our bond can make another smile,
Then it's just an added bonus.
I appreciate how exposed we are,
I value us not judging each other.
If there is a time in need,
You enter my mind,
Because I know I can count on you.
I am lucky to have the ability-
To define a true friendship,
And I can only do this,
Because you have blessed my life with this-
Life's kindest gift.


  1. Butterfly,

    I understand completely how the outside world reacts to two human beings interacting with each other. I have this thing and I call it thing for a lack of a better name that I like to look at people.Usually its when they dont even know they are being looked at and see the way the person reacts to his/her surroundings sometimes I see stuff that I like sometimes I dont. But nevertheless I still make that connection with the person its surroundings and me. Remember we all vibrate with at a specific energy that inevitably brings us together having this all so important "Connection"

    amare et sapere vix deo conceditur

  2. Coooool shirly, love this one :P

  3. Butterfly:
    As I read through these I am amazed at how closely are lives seem to be traveling. I just sent this one to my "Friend". We both felt it the first time we meet. A WOW moment :) I felt it, he felt was WOW. Connection is an amazing meet someone for the first time and feel like you have known them forever. To be so comfortable around them......well it is rare to find this. Someone who overlooks your flaws and never judges you and you do the same. When you look at them you see a person who respects and loves you unconditionally. Fills your heart with hope and contentment. It doesn't matter what you are doing at any moment.........just to share their company is perfect. Whether it is taking a walk, going to the grocery store, watching him cook, playing cards, talking about anything and everything.........every moment is good :)
    Life's greatest gift <3