Sunday, May 16, 2010


It's hard to accept when certain things happen in life.
Usually because understanding why it happened,
Hasn't matured fully in your mind.
There are episodes you will experience,
That will throw you off your path,
But that is the point.
Life has the ability to catch you off guard-
In a moment of weakness,
You may not make the wisest decision.
That's okay sometimes,
It's part of life and we all go through it.
But what isn't healthy is committing the same mistakes,
Just because you are engaging in a different circumstance,
Doesn't mean it's not the the same mistake of the past.
And what is plaguing to the soul,
Is to expect a different result.
How could it be different,
You can paint stripes on a horse trying to make it a zebra,
But at the end of the day, it's still a horse.
So what if you try to change it up a bit?
Do something you typically wouldn't do.
If something bad has happened,
How interesting would it be to morph it into something good?
These are just my thoughts…
Thoughts materialized because I have brought light,
To areas that were once dark in my past.
Life is about choice,
It's in your hands…
Here is an a great quote by Wayne Dyer:
"Be miserable. Or motivate yourself.
Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice"
How true…
Seek to understand the depths of choice,
And a level of awareness and clarity,
Will soon follow suit.
Life doesn't have to be so hard,
I promise.


  1. Butterfly,

    Life can be very should I put this....very harsh to put it in simple terms. Whilst we walk or run through life (whichever one we decide to choose) some of us "choose" to learn from our mistakes so as too not committ the same errors later on in life.I have a firm belief that one's triumphs are a direct reflection of how you have handled errors,defeats or even mistakes.One MUST pass through this bumpy patch in his/her path to be able to truly enjoy what we call LIFE. You did emphazise a crucial point "choice". This is one of our greatest gifts as humans the right to choose. This is one of our most powerful weapons because it can be used for good or bad. The way one utilizes the power of "choice" is one's responsibility. One of the greatest examples of "choice" is the Star Wars saga. Were the ever developing Jedi warrior must battle against the lore of the Dark side even before his skills or emotions are one with the force. But in the end he chooses the light and becomes a master every desicion wr make in life will reverberate not only in our life but through eternity!!!!

  2. Butterfly:

    Free will.......I am so grateful for that :) I choose never to return to my abyss.........a place where you are numb, heart is empty, and it is very dark, sad and lonely there.
    My choice is to make the most of every single smile, because I am happy. To appreciate where I have been, where I am, and where I might go. I am so blessed :)