Monday, May 10, 2010

The Sculpture

When we are born,
It's the closest we will ever come to perfection.
Nothing has happened yet,
We haven't been hurt, we haven't hurt others...
Tragedy hasn't entered our life.
But then one day,
It all changes...
Perfection gets picked at,
Like a sculptor picks at a stone.
He sees something in this rock…
A masterpiece of sorts,
And a vision only his eye recognizes.
This is where I wonder…
How does this sculptor see his image?
What inspires him to carve a little here,
Maybe a little more there?
What if it's unbalanced?
Does this stone feel the imbalance?
Why are some carvings more hurtful than others?
More importantly,
Why does the memory of a cut,
Linger on for so many years?
I don't know.
The destiny of this rock is to become-
An amazing piece of art.
Could this piece possibly stop being just art?
What if it absorbs the mind of the sculptor.
And trust in the shape the sculptor sees?
For this to occur, a bridge has to be crossed,
And this bridge is called acceptance.
There is a bigger picture.
It just takes time to get there…


  1. I believe that we are our owm sculptor in life... that is the don that god gave us, when we were givin the right to choose, right from wrong. :) nice thought!

  2. Butterfly,

    Good work.... one must just keep chipping away at life and keep in mind thaat the work of art always will be less complicated once one steps back.At this moment is when one can appreciate the work he/she has acomplished in this lifetime. Never forgetting that a greater being (whichever you choose to rever) has comglomerated all the astral energy and material to create you.So every being should fell special to be on this plain.

  3. Butterfly:

    Very well put......I always say I am a work in progress :) Not quite done........but getting close.