Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Will I Ever?

Have you ever lived a moment,
So special and memorable,
That the memory is stamped on your heart for ever?
What if this memory was tied to an athletic event,
Back in your high school days?
I had one of these moments,
It was fall of 1995,
The stars were aligned for my cheerleading squad,
I know that may sound silly,
But we were a tough squad and took cheering,
Quite seriously.
This was such a magical night because we knew,
With the difficulty of our routine,
We would beat our biggest rivals.
And sure enough, we did!
We screamed, cried, jumped like maniacs,
When they called our school's name for first place.
And I took it a step further,
I managed to get the footage of that night,
From three different angles to make one,
Awesome VHS tape.
In 1999, when I wanted to capture this moment again,
I played my tape waiting to feel the way I did,
Back in 1995.
And as it started, I was filled with anticipation,
But then something occurred….
The picture turned to snow and I heard:
"Cómo puedes causa tanto dolor?"
I was shocked…these words and this footage,
Were absorbed into my mind…
As I realized my parents recorded over,
My best athletic event in high school,
With a Spanish Soap Opera!
As I write this, it still hurts!
It's been fifteen years since this happened-
And I wonder, will I ever forgive them?
Gracias Mom y Pop :)


  1. Butterfly,

    Sad day when your anticipation builds so just to come crashing down like a sack of bricks. But thou shalt not be to sad. There is nothing greater than the human mind. Close your eyes tap into the nervous feeling you had before and during the competition. Remember the butterflies you had in your stomach the night before.Try to bring the smells and sounds you experienced to this meditation session. With good practice and alot of concentration you will be able to recreate the whole scene without having to hold anything agaisnt them...... bis vincit qui se vincit in victoria!!!

  2. The magic of that moment is sealed on your heart and I think it might have been me who recorded over your video. Let's ask Dad when he returns.