Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Life is made of choices…
Hopefully time polishes these decisions,
To grow into meaningful lessons.
A certain awareness is required to see,
See things beyond your natural vision.
Not an easy task.
The word "mindful" was brought up to me,
And I think the answer is covered in this seven letter word.
Being "mindful" means you understand,
You look at the options,
You see the pros and cons...
And consciously make the decision you need.
There, despite what you decide,
A level of peace calms anxiety.
It is you who made your decision.,
Not influences of family, peers, society.
Own what you do, both good and bad.
Without the difficult things in life,
How is one to know how to appreciate?
Mindful…looking deep at its meaning,
One can realize how amazing being mindful is.