Thursday, May 27, 2010


Clarity is my close companion,
She has saved me in more ways then one.
I owe so much to her,
I don't know if I can ever repay the blessings,
She bestows on me daily.
And to date all she asks of me-
is to do good.
So simple, isn't it?
And as I shift my thought process,
And actions daily,
To live by this mantra…
There are moments her antithesis Confusion,
Tries to jump into the picture too.
Confusion is not so kind,
He talks about things I would like to forget,
He tries to make me feel bad,
And ultimately,
He tries to confuse me.
But Clarity, she has a power I can't explain.
She is strong at detecting Confusion,
And kindly asks him not to partake in her vision.
Even when he sneaks in unexpectedly,
She quickly removes him and gets back on track.
She amazes me,
I am very lucky she lives inside of me and leads the way...
I don't think I have the power to see what she does.
I do have the ability to recognize her resilience-
Her perseverance and strong will.
Thank you Clarity…
I promise, I won't let you down.

1 comment:

  1. WOW...............I know my Clarity brought me peace, contentment, and the ability to love again. Clarity made it possible for me to move forward............:)

    <3-it :)