Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Moment of Truth

I had a moment of truth-
As I am faced with the realities,
From decisions I have made…both good and bad.
There is nothing I can do,
But deal with the unexpected dance,
Which has become my life.
It's hard to see the naked truth,
It exposes some incomplete decisions of the past.
The layer tied to lack of strength,
As I allowed certain elements in my life.
Tears rush to my eyes,
I genuinely am saddened about moments…
Saddened because I cannot change them.
They are my pillars in life,
Experiences I will always live with…
Lessons I learned through my journey.
There is that great saying,
"What ever doesn't kill you will only make you stronger"
But sadly,
I remember almost dying. 
This harsh reality is my daily reminder-
Of how lucky I am to be alive….
Now, I try not to get tied to complications,
I don't want to deal with situations that create chaos.
I stay away from people, environments that are unhealthy.
This is not an easy task,
Yet there is no other way for me to live.
I have to pick up all the pieces of the past…
Not to carry them in my future,
Rather to deal with them,
And place them where they belong.
They too have order in my life,
I now know, life's hardest lessons deserve my respect,
And this is where I am today.


  1. This here is a part of live that we have to deal with... rality is... that your words brought tears to my eyes because, i have never had a friend like you, and i dont want nothing to ever happen to you. May god bless you and your family. 1luv

    Tito :)

  2. This is great Shirley!! Your blogs speak so much truth, I can't stop reading now. Congratulations on this new venture and look forward to reading more.

  3. Thank you Rosa, that means a lot to me:) I hope all is well in Cali.

  4. Butterfly:

    "What ever doesn't kill you will only make you stronger"............I know this to be oh so true. A quote maybe I wish I didn't know so well. One that echoed in my head throughout my life

    It's funny because I read my journal and I read your blog and most of the topic echo those in my journal :)

    This one rings very true for me........back in May 2010 a friend suggested I pack up by past. Bag my baggage,lock it, throw away the key and walk away :) It was start.....occasionally I would find myself back at those bags, unlocking them and pondering. But, eventually I started moving forward and as I put distant between me and those bags.......I was able to leave them where they my past :)

    I go back and read my journal to remind myself of how grateful I am to have made it to where I am today :) Loving life like I never have before!!