Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rare Sense

I am traveling back from my favorite city,
I feel great, inspired and focused.
And as I travel back,
Situations keep occurring which make me think,
Has the world lost common sense?
I understand the need to talk,
Release emotions and connect with other individuals,
But is it necessary to do this irrsesponsibly,
In a public fashion?
As I overhear a really loud conversation,
By a young woman sitting behind me,
"That girl is just evil and negative,
It's so unhealthily to be around people like her...
I hate her!" 
She, herself, doesn't like evil or negativity,
Yet she too hates.
Does she not connect evil, negativity and hate,
All come from the same family?
Then the woman next to me,
A woman of age decides to call three different people.
From her I hear about doctor visits, post office visits, 
Boxes for storage, recipes for peanut butter cookies…
And thank God I forgot what else for forty-five minutes.
Did I have to hear all of this information?
I just wanted to read my book.
My initial hypothesis that common sense has escaped youth,
Went out he window by her actions.
Then, as I get off the bus in an orderly fashion,
A woman with a young child in the row to the right of me,
Pushes me with her purse, stands partially in the aisle,
While obviously trying to get in front of me.
Really?  Is it that serious?
She later smiles and tells me to get in front of her,
As if I wasn't already standing there in the first place.
People, we are all on a bus!
Everyone hears everything, and pushing just isn't nice.
None of these things ruined my day, just made me think.
My new conclusion is common sense is not so common.
I think it would be better termed as "rare sense".
What happened to the good old days?


  1. Butterfly,
    ad iudicium>>>>>(common sense) not much of this going around these days.But I have always had a trife with this phrase. First "common" ...what is common????What might be common behaviour ,attitude,manners to you could easily very strange and different to someone else. Many years ago what "common sense" depicted was that the Earth was flat and this theory was widely trusted as fact by many seamen,scientist and astronomers.Until probably some obscure Babylonian or Persian astrologer proved 3,000 years ago that the world was round. Obviously the scientific powers to be will not credit these ancient civilizations with this discovery thusly agreeing that they truly exsited. But I am diverting from the subject at hand. I really understand were you are coming from but their are alot of people who are not "conscience" therefore dont actually know that this de-evolution is occuring to us as a whole. So it will take alot of patience and responsibility on our end to make sure we dont end up in the wash!!!! :)

  2. Butterfly:

    LOL...........I think you have something there. Common sense isn't really common.......calling it "rare sense" makes GOOD sense :)