Monday, May 3, 2010


My life has not been a bed of roses,
I haven't always made the best decisions…
There are memories that pierced my heart...
Thoughts I will never forget.
I have been hurt by loved ones,
I have hurt loved ones,
All of these occurrences created me today.
So who am I after all the blemishes?
Could I still possibly be the same girl full of hope?
My heart wants nothing more than to do good,
Help, encourage, teach....
But will my past hold back my effort?
What am I so scared of?
Is it what people might say?
Could I fail at this dream I feel in my heart?
How do I let the ghosts of the past,
Free me to live the life I am meant to live today?
I have moments of clarity…
When there is strength, 
But then it happens…
What am I to do?


  1. Sometimes listening to the noise you hear what needs to be heard... Listen to the noise!

  2. Butterfly:

    I agree with Jose.........I call this my spidey :) But, noise is an accurate description. When it goes off I have learned to pay attention.....there is something I am not seeing clearly or missing.