Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Will You Listen?

I am at a loss of words when I hear your story.
Agony screams out with every word you speak.
Your eyes get filled with tears,
When you utter your sorrows,
And then you will say something with humor,
To mask what you're really feeling.
"What do I do now?" is what you ask me.
But as easy as it is to give words to your problems,
I know the actions needed to find solace,
Are not exactly within reach.
My heart literally hurts as I write this,
As I somehow feel your pain.
I can't even ask how did this all happen,
I've seen what's occurred as a results of bad choices.
Though shock is not an optional emotion right now,
Tears and sadness fill this empty hole.
I wish there were something I could say to make it all go away,
But this is real life and it's not so simple.
Honestly, I do see a little light,
In the enormous dark abyss you are in.
But it's not up to me to get you to see it.
I can lead, share words and wisdom with you,
But ultimately it's you who has to see it too.
At this point all I can do is pray for you my love-
I know life hasn't been too kind,
I can tell you question what's the point in it all,
And all I can say is there are people who really love you,
And want nothing more than to see you get better.
No one here has the right to judge,
So don't let guilt hold you prisoner.
I can't give up on you,
I just love you too much to let go.
Please understand this simple yet difficult truth,
It can all change,
You just have to want it deep in your heart.
I genuinely love you know that?
Now that you have my words,
Will you listen?

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