Monday, February 7, 2011

Years / Años

There are moments when you hit a crossroad,
that can truly alter your life.
The decision you are facing is not black or white…
there is no right or wrong.
Rather a choice layered in history,
and emotions that will inevitably linger on.
Those emotions will cause new emotions,
and the cycle will continue.
How do you know which route to choose?
Who will be affected by your decision?
Is it selfish to once think of your happiness?
I don't know the answer to this one...
the trials and tribulations in life
can take years to really understand.

Hay momentos cuando llegas a una encrucijada
que verdaderamente cambiará tu vida.
La decisión que enfrentas no es negra o blanca…
no hay correcto o incorrecto.
Quisieras, una decisión basada en la historia,
y emociones que inevitablemente seguirán.
Esas emociones causarán nuevas emociones,
y el ciclo continuará.
¿Como se sabe que camino tomar?
¿Quien será afectado por la decisión?
¿Por primera vez el pensar en mi felicidad, es egoísta?
No se la repuesta a esta pregunta…
las pruebas y tribulaciones en la vida
a veces toman años para realmente entenderse.


  1. I enjoy reading your thoughts. The words you write speak close to home. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Butterfly:

    I swear you have a "crystal ball"........:) History, good history is hard to let go of........I pray that I will know which direction to go. I will pray on it..........:)
    Btw, thanks for today's thought....a good one!!