Monday, February 14, 2011

Did You Really Live / Realmente Viviste

The past is sometimes where a lesson resides.
An experience we'd like to forget,
a decision that was made,
a moment that was lived.
But what if you go back to that moment,
and not to re-live, become remorseful
or dig up old hurt...
What if you go back to really understand,
and maybe let go?
Isn't there strength, courage and/or wisdom there?
Who actually knows your feelings better than you?
It's not up to anyone to judge.
Your life is your life,
and at the end, did you really live
what was in your heart?

El pasado es donde las lecciones a veces residen.
Un experiência que quiseras olvidar,
una decisión que tomaste,
un momento que viviste.
Pero que pasaria si pudieras regresar a ese momento,
no para vivirlo de nuevo, sentir remordimiento,
o traer de nuevo sentimientos dolorosos…
¿Que pasaría si regresas para realmente entender,
y posiblemente liberarte?
¿No hay allí fuerza, coraje, o sabiduría?
¿Quien realmente sabe mas de tus sentimientos que tu mismo?
Nadie tiene el derecho a juzgar.
Tu vida es tu vida,
y cuando termina, ¿realmente viviste
lo que sentiste en tu corazón?'


  1. Did you?
    Really live, I mean? lol
    I was just 'delving deeply', into virtual vs reality this morning when this popped up on my fb.
    The first words I saw were, "Did You Really Live"...

  2. Butterfly:

    Exactly right...........:) Thanks and have a wonderful Monday/Valentine's Day!!