Friday, November 12, 2010

Unnecessary Thoughts / Pensamientos Innecesarios

Life can test you 
in ways you cannot see.
It's easy to get annoyed
and find fault with other people.
This maybe the challenge -
to push myself from the state of mind
of being bothered.
As I seek understanding - 
in what is frustrating me,
I realize who am I to judge or criticize?
No one…maybe being kind
and finding laugher in situations
can save me from wasting my time
with unnecessary thoughts.

La vida nos da pruebas
en forma  inesperada.
Es facil molestarse
y encontrar defectos en otras personas.
Este puede ser el desafío  - 
para salir de dicha mentalidad
que me incomoda.
Cuando busco entendimiento
a la frustración -
pienso quien soy yo para juzcar o criticar?
Nadie…de pronto el ser cariñosa 
y buscar una sonrisa a la situación
puede evitarme de perder mi tiempo
con pensamientos innecesarios.

1 comment:

  1. Butterfly:

    Wish I had read this one a couple days back...lost my head and took an unnecessary trip to Negativeville. Regain my composure and am safely back in Junieland....a beautiful place :)