Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Simply Love / Solamente Amo

People I loved hurt me 
and I carried the pain for years. 
My self talk would wonder 
why people behaved so cruel. 
Then I realized how much time 
was passing by while being stuck on the past. 
Nothing could be done to change it....
it was part of life. 
This perspective helped me
let go and move on. 
Then life began to bless me
in ways that truly amazed me. 
For those who hurt me, 
I hurt myself more by holding on to it...
now it's all gone and I appreciate life
for it's most profound emotion,
I simply love.

Personas a quien quise me causaron dolor
y viví ese dolor por años.
Los pensamientos en mi mente
se preguntaban como pueden existir personas tan crueles.
Entonces me di cuenta que el tiempo 
pasaba mientras estaba atrapada en el pasado.
No hacia nada por cambiarlo…
era parte de la vida.
Esta perspectiva me ayudó
A liberarme y seguir adelante.
Después la vida comenzó a bendecirme 
en formas increíbles.
A los que causaron mi dolor,
yo sufrí mas por aguantarlo…
ahora no existe y aprecio la vida
por la emoción mas profunda,
solamente amo.


  1. Wow...Is this one hitting home for me right now. Thank you for the insight. Sometimes our pain takes over and we lose ourselves in it. Hugs to you all.

  2. Butterfly:

    What a great place to arrive at! To feel so profoundly free, happy, full of hope, and most importantly LOVE. Full of Love for everything, every day.....sunrises, sunsets, the list goes on and on. I appreciate my life.........:)
    I am so thankful to have found "Thoughts of a Butterfly". To be able to read your words and know I am not alone........:) We all have a story....what we do with it is our choice! Thanks again......