Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lonely Tears

I feel compelled to find it,
and bring life to this dream...
the truth that's been forming
is ready to show it's gleam.
For this will be proof,
that I knew it would be -
and it's not about arrogance
it's about a belief.
I've turned in my heart,
to the desires of my soul -
my mind, body and spirit,
are now finally whole.
It's amazing to look back,
and see where this began.
I was just fourteen -
with a pen in my hand.
I had no idea of the twists 
and turns I would face…
The innocence of youth, 
left a trail without a trace.
And now it's full circle,
I'm starting new again…
With an appreciation for today -
knowing what was then.
One day I'll look back,
with tears in my eyes...
and not those lonely tears -
rather joy is why I'll cry.


  1. Lights on or off? Maybe I should run for at least a month three times a week and then decide. For now- Off!