Friday, October 15, 2010

Stormy Days / Dias de Tormenta

How many times have I asked "What am I doing?"
More than I care to remember.
And when I've felt a monsoon of emotions,
complications, frustrations….
I haven't always made the best decisions.
The truth is, life is complicated.
It can't be easy, or simple….
that will lead to a motionless life,
this hasn't been my journey.
What I've learned with time,
is to take it step by step…that's all I can do.
And if I get overwhelmed, 
which happens because I am human,
I take a deep breath and react slowly.
Decisions whether small or major,
should not be made on stormy days.

Cuantas veces me he preguntado "¿que estoy haciendo?"
Mas que me importa recordar.
Y cuando he sentido un turbulencia de emociones,
complicaciones, fracasos…
no siempre tomé las mejor decisiones.
La verdad es, la vida es complicada.
No puede ser fácil, o simple…
eso conducirá a una vida sin movimiento,
este no ha sido mi camino.
Lo que he aprendido con el tiempo,
es caminar paso a paso.. es todo lo que puedo hacer.
Y si me siento abrumada de la vida,
es normal por ser humana,
tomo un respiro profundo y reacciono despaciosamente. 
Las decisiones sean pequeñas o grandes
no deben  ser tomadas en días de tormenta.


  1. Yeah, I agree you don't want to make decisions on stormy days. That's when my head feels like its swelled up. I think they call it a "Migraine". Men don't usually get them, but I guess I am that 10%. Good advice. :)

  2. Butterfly:

    Today you are a WISE Butterfly..........:)