Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Criticism / Criticismo

It might sound crazy but I seek criticism.
Even writing the word "criticism" makes me cringe
and think I've gone a little crazy.
However, if I don't seek constructive criticism, how will I grow?
How will I push the boundaries of my mind?
How will I push potential to reality?
I strive for excellence and this bar is set by me.
It's not a status quo or acceptance from others.
The creativity in my heart leads this vision…
and my heart has no boundaries.
Criticism will broaden my thoughts…
and it's up to me to decide,
where the criticism fits in my imagination.

Puede sonar loco pero busco la critica.
Hasta escribiendo la palabra "critica" siento incomodidad
y pienso tal vez estoy un poco loca.
¿Sin embargo, si no busco la critica constructiva, como creceré?
¿Como empujar los limites de mi mente?
¿Como empujar el potencial a la realidad?
Yo lucho por excelencia y esta es mi meta trazada.
No es una condición o la aceptación de otros.
La creatividad en mi corazón guía esta visión…
y mi corazón no tiene fronteras.
La critica ampliará mis pensamientos…
y la decisión depende de mi,
a donde la critica tiene cabida en mi imaginación.

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  1. Great insight...a great way to rethink a word that has the potential to cripple most of us. But with that insight and can be turned around to growth and a new found freedom...thank you for you words...great site I love it!!!!!