Friday, October 22, 2010

Running To My Life

In March of 2010, my brother and I made a pact.
We decided to run the Army 10 Mile Race in October…
and we would do this in honor of getting my health back
and as a symbol of "we can do this"
Since then, we have trained tirelessly...
and more so my brother who never ran before.
He started a blog called "Running To My Life"
which journaled his struggles through this unique journey.
I've recently hurt my knee and cannot run this Sunday.
I was sad and disappointed because I wanted nothing more
then to run with my best friend, Bryan.
But then realized this race is not about me....
It's not about what I planned, expected or envisioned.
This is so much more than my ability to run.
This is about the human spirit, mind and heart.
It's about making a decision to achieve a goal and fulfilling it.
My brother is a father of three, husband, son, brother,
full time employee, my graphic designer and marketing strategy guru...
he has written a children's book, achieved two masters with honors -
and this is only a very small glimpse of my brother's depth and capability.
I don't say this all to show off, I say it because he amazes me.
Seeing him and all that he accomplishes
inspires me to do more, love more and continue to grow.
It's been my honor to watch him grow the past six months
as he trained for this race.
Bryan, you are my inspiration...
you're my best friend in the whole world -
and while my spirit will run with you this Sunday,
there is a much bigger spirit that runs inside of you, and that is God.
Thank you for everything - this is only the beginning.
but most important, thank you for inspiring me
to Run to My Life….

Running to My Life


  1. God knew what He was doing when He made us sister and brother. I clearly remember the day mom and dad brought you home from the hospital. You were a gift from God to our family. I loved you then and I love you now. Thank you for coming back from the other side after your stroke. I could not imagine my life without you. You have inspired me to remember the truth of things.

    Now it’s time to run to our lives. Eternity is waiting.

  2. What a real family bond. I am running a big race as well and I loved these words. I hope I can find the same kind of support as you. Such family love!

  3. are you ready to admit mom and dad didn't find me underneath a bridge in NY? Can't wait to see you run!!! have my support too! You're also an inspirational story. To survive a stroke and choose to fully recover as you have takes courage. Keep writing...your energy transcends and is beautiful!!! I am so glad we met :)

  4. You both touched my heart today...thanks for sharing your love.....A dear friend of mine had a stroke last year and is unable to speak....what amazes me is that she can sing and remembers the words to songs....I am waiting for her to come back and I know she will!

  5. My prayers are with your friend.