Thursday, October 28, 2010

Spirit / Espíritu

Today you may have everything planned,
what you're going to wear, 
what you'll do and how you plan to go about it.
This was once my routine.
But one day…nothing went as scheduled.
Nothing I planned occurred,
I wasn't wearing what I wanted,
and had no idea how to go about it.
That's because life happened.
Not what I wanted, rather the bigger lesson
life had in store for me was ready to be unveiled.
And though this moment knocked me out -
it did so to stop my brain from the routine I created.
Now, I see life so differently.
Even the subtle daily changes of the leaves on trees…
I don't take any of it for granted.
And my perspective is all done by choice…
I could have stayed down and felt bad for myself,
but that isn't the life I am meant to live.
My choice has changed my thoughts,
and now my Spirit can soar.

Hoy día puedes tener todo planeado,
lo que vas a vestir,
que vas hacer y como lo piensas hacer.
Esa fué la rutina de mi vida.
Pero un día…nada fué parte de mi rutina.
Ninguno de mis planes ocurrió,
no vestía lo que deseaba,
y no tuve ni idea que hacer.
Es porque la vida tenia su propio plan.
No lo que yo deseaba, mas bien la lección mas grande
que la vida estaba preparada a revelarme.
Y este momento me quitó el aire -
pero lo hizo para que mi cerebro no continuara mi rutuna.
Ahora, veo la vida diferente.
Hasta los cambios diarios de las hojas de un los árboles…
no tomo nada como concesión.
Y mi perspectiva es escogida…
Tuve la opción de quedarme abajo y sentirme mal de mi misma,
pero no es la vida que voy a tener…
Mi elección ha cambiado mis pensamientos,
y ahora mi espíritu puede volar.

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  1. I still expect her to call me. To hear her laugh and gossip with her. To watch her son grow up and become at least, a teenager in my lifetime. God had other plans and needed her more. Her son will be very loved by her family but her baby girl needed her more in heaven. I know she knew I loved her as my own daughter and she loved me as her second Mom. I still wish I could have wrapped my arms around her one more time, death came unexpectedly. I love you Stacey!