Friday, September 3, 2010

Never stay down / Nunca quedarse abajo

We all fall at different periods
of our lives.
Sometimes, it's harder to get up.
Consequently, it seems more difficult
as time continues on.
But do I have to feel with time,
comes more difficulty?
It's experience that I learn.
Experience transforms into wisdom….
Wisdom is what I share with others.
This is actually beautiful.
To help a fellow human being,
based on a difficult moment in my life
is truly gratifying.
It does all happen for a reason,
so the point is to grow….
and never stay down.

Todo caemos en diferentes periodos 
de la vida.
A veces, es mas difícil levantar el ánimo.
Por consiguiente, parecer mas difícil
cuando pasa más tiempo.
Pero debo sentir que con más tiempo,
vienen mas dificultades?
Es experiencia que adquiero.
Las experiencias se transforman en sabiduría…
Sabiduría es lo que comparto con otros.
Esto es verdaderamente bello.
Ayudar a el próximo,
basado en un momento difícil de mi vida
realmente es gratificante.
Todo pasa por alguna razón,
el punto es crecer….
y nunca quedarse abajo.


  1. I really love your words shirley!! It really makes me happy and understand life more!!!!!!!!! Thank you shirley you are the inspiration of every day of my life!!!!
    Love you.... your cousin,

  2. Butterfly:

    Thanks.......again :) :) :) :) :)