Wednesday, September 1, 2010


For years I tried to figure "it" out.
I couldn't really define "it" 
but that didn't stop the efforts to control "it".
And with time and heartbreaks,
I've learned there is nothing to control.
"It" is a state of mind.
It's not what you control, who you control
or what emotion you can overcome.
"It" is you.
For me, when I finally figured that out,
and just lived to love and loved to live,
it all became so much kinder.
A simple change in thought,
an appreciation for all lessons,
has given me a level of peace
that keeps me going everyday.
Simple, isn't it?


  1. i loved "it".... life goes so fast you really don't take the time to see all it's beauty and appreciate all. Making things harder for yourself then they really have to be. Sometimes its nice to slow things down and enjoy life a little more.

    love you shirley....

  2. Butterfly:

    I too Love-IT........Thanks again!!