Friday, July 9, 2010

you silly little nuisance

There are things in life you can't control,
Incidents that maybe difficult to categorize in your mind.
But all of these events make up life.
For me, I've been able to distinguish,
Between problems, difficult times and inconsequential things.
You see, a problem is when you don't have health.
There, you are truly at the mercy of your body,
Medicine and luck.
A difficult time is the loss of someone you love.
Your emotions will be affected,
And the circumstance can leave you wounded.
Then there are inconsequential things.
Those are situations that can be challenging,
Perhaps annoying or frustrating.
But they are only brief occurances.
With time, they no longer exist.
The mind won't even carry this occurrence,
Or it's attempt to become a memory.
So, you silly little nuisance…
That tries to anchor me,
Hold me, or distract me -
You are not important enough for me to worry about.
Your inconsequential time will pass,
In fact, I have already forgotten you.
I pray one day, you can get over this time,
That holds you here alone.

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