Friday, July 30, 2010

Helping Others / Ayudando a Otros

There is nothing more gratifying,
than helping a fellow man.
To be able to shed light,
to an experience someone else
is currently struggling with,
means you are part of change.
Your words, you encouragement,
feeds this other soul.
This soul heals from the circumstance,
and now they help someone else.
The cycle doesn't stop there.
Endless people,
will feel the ripples of your initial gesture of help.
Isn't this incredible?
Your simple act has inspired others…
you are part of a positive movement.
Genuinely helping others,
makes such a difference in the world.

No hay nada más satisfactorio,
que ayudar a el prójimo. 
Para irradiar luz, 
a una experiencia 
en la que otro esta actualmente luchando,
significa que usted es parte de el cambio. 
Sus palabras, su ánimo, 
alimentan a esta alma. 
Esta alma se cura de la circunstancia,
y ahora ella ayuda a otra persona.
El ciclo no termina allí. 
Innumerables personas, 
sentirán los effectos de su gesto inicial de ayuda. 
¿No es esto increíble? 
Su acto sencillo ha inspirado a otros… 
usted es parte de este movimiento positivo. 
Ayudando a otros verdaderamente, 
hace la diferencia en el mundo. 

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  1. Butterfly:

    Recently I believe I was able to help a stranger whose path crossed with mine by chance. I had an item in my possession that at one point in my life I treasured and all that it represented.......but things change and what had once meant so much to me, had become a burden to have. I could have pawned it but a friend suggested I give it to a homeless person. What a great idea I on my trip back home on January 02, 2010 I found just that person. At the first rest area I stopped at sat a woman in a lawn chair in front of the restrooms. She had a sign asking for gas or help getting down the road. Her sign ended in "God Bless". She looked like a lady just down on her luck. I dug my burden out of my wallet walk up to her, looked into her eyes and handed her my burden. I instantly knew she appreciated it much more that I did. She saw value in it, where I saw none. I got in my car and continued home.....with a smile on my face. I felt free.....and able to move forward. It's funny how things happen.....:)