Tuesday, March 1, 2011

For a Reason / Por una Razón

How many times have I heard,
"everything happens for a reason"
There are days this makes perfect sense,
than others where the words feel
like little daggers in the heart.
When life is a bed of roses,
and the perfect order of synchronicity occurs,
I've felt elated, joyful, beyond optimistic.
But the true test is when those moments
of challenge, pain, or sadness appear.
I've repeated in my head "this just feels too cruel"
Truth be told, sometimes it is cruel.
But here is where I have to dig a little deeper,
and my faith grows stronger than yesterday.
Here is when the vision of good
faintly appears in the midst of darkness.
It's up to me to see the light and recognize in sadness,
the good is still immeasurable.
Though the outcome is not as I wanted,
I have to accept it all does happen for a reason.

Cuantas veces he escuchado,
"todo pasa por una razón"
Hay días que tienen sentido perfecto,
y otros cuando estas palabras se sienten 
como dagas en el corazón.
Cuando la vida es como cama de rosas,
y el orden sincronizado que ocurre es perfecto,
siento euforia, alegria, y mas optimismo.
Pero la prueba mas grande viene en los momentos
de dolor, desafio, o tristeza.
Pienso y reflexiono "se siente tan cruel"
La verdad es, a veces es muy cruel.
Pero aquí debo mirar mas profundamente,
y la fe crece mas fuerte que ayer.
Aquí es cuando la visión de lo bueno
aparece ligeramente en las nubes obscuras.
Depende de mi el ver la luz y reconocer en la tristeza,
que lo bueno todavía es mas inmenso.
Aunque el resultado no es lo que hubiese deseado,
tengo que aceptar que todo pasa por una razón.


  1. I know right.. just when we have life figured out... it changes.. Atleast for me. I kinda go with the flow now! seriously. When i try hard for things, and reach and reach.. I cant grab it but when i hold out my arms like i'm carrying a huge container, that's when God hands it to me. Weird huh! but true. That's just where i been at lately. And i have grown and been given so much lately and I've done absolutely nothing to deserve it, more like sit back and let God rain upon me. Weeeeee....Keep up the good work...your message it perfect timing!

  2. Butterfly:

    I know I have said this on numerous occasions...but thanks! I love your blog......:)