Friday, August 27, 2010

Anchor / Ancla

For so many years
you have tried to hold me back.
You've said and done things,
to try and break my spirit.
And now after so many years
I wonder why do you waste your time?
You see I've grown to understand.
Perhaps I've grasped a different resolve
of incidents of the past.
Yet your words haven't changed.
Your actions remain the same.
You are predictable.
This anchor you've become,
now only weighs you down.
I do nothing but pray and wish the best to you.
You have to look in the mirror,
and live with your conscience and words; not me.
Are your words worth remembering?
Only you can answer this question.
As for me, I've let go.
Life is too short to be holding on
to unnecessary circumstances and drama.
I don't belong to a chaotic world…
and if you continue to fight for the lead role in that realm,
just know what movie you'll be starring in.

Por muchos años,
usted ha tratado de retenerme.
Usted a dicho cosas
para tratar de romper mi espirito.
Y ahora después de tantos años
me pregunto ¿por que pierde su tiempo?
Mire, yo he crecido para entender.
Posiblemente he alcanzado un resultado diferente
a los incidentes de el pasado.
Pero todavía sus palabras no cambian.
Sus acciones continúan iguales.
Usted es pronosticable.
Usted es un ancla,
cuyo peso le lleva hacia el fondo.
Yo solo rezo y le deseo lo mejor.
Usted se mirar en el espejo
y tiene que vivir con su conciencia y sus palabras; no yo.
¿Sus palabras valen la pena recordarlas?
Solo usted puede contestar esta pregunta.
Yo estoy liberada.
La vida es muy corta para aguantar
lo innecesario y lo dramático.
Yo no soy de el mundo caótico…
y si continua peleando por el personaje principal en ese ambiente,
sepa en que película se estará presentando.


  1. There are times when you drop an anchor it can get tripped, and no matter how hard you try to real it in it will not, so it comes to a point where you need to cut it loose and move on with you journey.

  2. I enjoy reading everything you write, keep it up sobrina.