Friday, January 28, 2011

Here Today / Aquí Hoy

In the years our lives crossed,
a glimpse of love existed -
yet I experienced more tears of sadness
rather than joy.
Our departure left me shattered,
confused and broken as a person.
I didn't know if it was day or night…
lines were crossed and all I could feel was pain.
And as dark as that moment felt,
there was something in my heart
that knew a brighter day would rise.
Through time, forgiving, and letting go
I was able to heal.
Now when I think of the experience,
I regret nothing.
Many important lessons were learned,
and the resiliency of my spirit was born.
I am here today…and I love.

En los años cuando nuestras vidas cruzaron,
una mirada rápida de amor existió -
pero experimenté mas lágrimas de tristeza 
que lágrimas de alegria.
Nuestra partida me dejó destrozada,
confundida y deshecha como persona.
No sabia lo que era noche ni día…
las lineas se cruzaron y solo sentí dolor.
Y tan obscuro como sentí ese momento,
había algo en mi corazón
que un día mejor llegaría.
Con tiempo, perdonar, y liberarme,
fue posible curarme.
Ahora cuando pienso en esa experiencia,
no me lamento.
Aprendí varias lecciones importantes,
y nació la capacidad de recuperación de mi espíritu.
Estoy aquí hoy…y amo.

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  1. Butterfly:
    It's funny how what you write is so pertinent to where I am in my journey. Texted a friend this morning. Told him my life was so good right now...........I didn't hurt anymore. If you would have asked me last September I would have said life was better.......but I still carried the pain close to the surface. I so agree that those years made me strong. But, more important they made me appreciate this period in my life :) I am grateful to have made it here. I am so grateful to love and be loved :)