Thursday, January 20, 2011

Appreciate / Apreciar

Saying goodbye is not always
what I want to do.
But letting go of situations is part of life…
despite not having a specific moment
or experience anymore,
nothing can take away the memories,
or lessons learned.
I don't regret any minute of it…
Though life is changing,
and there are new circumstances in my life -
I will always appreciate what I've lived,
and who I lived it with.

Diciendo adiós no es siempre
lo que he querido hacer.
Pero liberarse de situaciones es parte de la vida…
A pesar de no tener momentos especificos 
o no mas esas experiencias,
nada puede quitar las memorias,
ni las lecciones que aprendi.
No me lamento ni un minuto….
Aunque la vida esta cambiando,
y hay nuevas circunstancias en mi vida -
siempre apreciaré lo que he vivido,
y con quien las vivi.

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  1. Butterfly:

    Not quite there yet.........but, it is coming :) I get closer each day.