Monday, December 6, 2010

Spirit of Truth / Espíritu Verdadero

My heart was once an open book,
for everyone to see, read and partake in.
And threw the years I've felt the pain of others -
I was open to accept their pain as my own.
With time, I've learned -
there are certain things sacred to my heart.
And though I will always be there for others,
I must first be true to my spirit…
Being whole, I can truly comprehend,
understand, and learn…
then my heart can truly help.

Mi corazón fué un libro abierto,
para todo el mundo a ver, leer, y ser parte de el.
Y con los años he sentido los dolores de otros -
y aceptar sus dolores como los mios.
Con el tiempo, he aprendido -
la existencia de cosas sagradas a mi corazón.
Y puede ser que siempre ayude a los demás,
primero tengo que ser fiel a mi espíritu…
Ser completa, poder comprender,
entender, y aprender…
entonces mi corazón realmente puede ayudar.

1 comment:

  1. Deep... You're a source of inspiration. I can relate at times to way you feel. I just couldn't put into words so eloquently. I appreciate your posts. Even when I don't comment.